Hands-on comet blog entries


Shin Wai Chan has a nice set of blog entries ([1], [2]) on Comet (aka AJAX Push). He goes on to describe the code on both the client and the server and provides a link to a ready-to-use archive. The second part refines the introduction by describing the use of HTTP streaming.

Although they are documented with an earlier version of GlassFish v3, they apply equally to the latest TP2 promoted build provided you start GlassFish with this http-listener property in domain.xml:
     <property name="cometSupport" value="true"/>

Comet is not Ajax, it's not polling, and it's not traditional servlet either. This set of short articles is a good way to grasp the Comet paradigm.

Update: Jim has a refined version of Shin's example.


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