Caucho Quercus at GlassFish Day

Caucho Logo

In the ever-growing list of GlassFish partners at CommunityOne (May 7th, less than 2 weeks away!), here is Caucho. Caucho's Quercus is a fast, 100% Java implementation of the PHP language allowing developers to use PHP flexibility for the web interface and Java for stability.

As previously highlighted by Ludo, Quercus works just fine on GlassFish v2 which opens the door for PHP developers to APIs such as JAX-WS/WSIT or JPA, to the EJB3 component model, and to GlassFish features such as load-balancing, administration, or clustering. Caucho will be at GlassFish Day to show exactly this: typical PHP applications running on a complete open source Java stack.

For an overview of GF Day check here; and, for a free registration, here. Stay tuned for more announcements.


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