Catching Up - JavaFX Launch and VirtualBox 2.1 Recap

One last launch recap before the holiday break; this one will be far shorter than the OpenSolaris 2008.11 recap as I'm about to turn into a pumkin.

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JavaFX - We released JavaFX on Dec 4th, a couple of days later than originally scheduled. The launch was preceded by the release of the new JavaFX Script Language Reference and a few blog entries, but the bulk of the posts happened after. Danny has done a couple of nice recaps - check top 10 things and then a very complete News Recap.

After the launch, the team took the show to Devoxx (nee Javopolis); Danny gave one of the keynotes in day one (see his Show Report), and Mark did the same for Day 2 - modularity being key to delivering Java on a multiplicity of platforms, see Mark's notes on the Modular Java Platform and Jigsaw. Danny provided a summary of JavaFX in Devoxx; judged by the whiteboards (caveat emptor and all of that), JavaFX was pretty well received - see the "ultra-cool" section in the Java Cool Wall.

Ah!... And Mr. Jeet now has his Own Blog; welcome to the blogosphere! :-)

VirtualBox 2.1 - The last recap is for VirtualBox 2.1, released on Nov 17th. This is yet another strong release from the VirtualBox team; they are turning releases very quickly (see earlier reports tagged VirtualBox).

Two summaries of the functionality are from Joerg and TheFatBloke. The release includes support for hardware features, improved ease of use and interoperability. It all looks very good, and I really want to host a webinar set at TheAquarium Online on the VirtualBox; the calendar is pretty crowded but we added an extra optional slot per week to cover cases like this.

The VB team records over 8M d/ls of VB - which is very good; if you want to try it out, you can check the latest ChangeLog and then go to the Download page.


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