Call For Papers: JavaOne and CommunityOne

The call for papers for the JavaOne 2009 (@ San Francisco) is out. And so is that for ComunityOne 2009, except that this year there are two events, East and West. Note that both CFPs close later this month.


JavaOne - In San Francisco, June 2-5th, 2009. CFP closes on Dec 18th. Submission link.
CommunityOne East - In NYC, March 18-19, 2009; CFP Closes on Dec 15th, Submission Link.
CommunityOne West - In SF, June 1-2, 2009. CFP Closes on Dec 15th, Submission Link.

We will start a coordination page for the GlassFish Community around these events early next week. I think we will need to ask help from Paul, Arun and Alexis :-)


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