Brown bag meetings for GlassFish v3

Real brown bag

Similar to the User Experience Meetings conducted throughout the v2 development process, Anissa is scheduling a series of open-to-all brown bag series for GlassFish v3 builds. With the recent move to subversion (on our way to Mercurial), is it probably a good time for everyone still using CVS exclusively to get up to speed with the first meeting on October 30th 2007. Maven 2 is also a key component to GlassFish v3 and will be covered in the next meeting.

Details (hours, conference call numbers, slides) are available here. Times are pretty US and Europe-friendly. Calls should be available for replay for everyone else.

Note for the non-US audience that "Brown Bag" refers to people bringing their own lunch (in a brown bag). Hopefully this explanation is not too far off as I'm not American either... ;)


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