Bank Degroof - Private Banking on GlassFish

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Our latest Adoption Story comes from Bank Degroof (a private Bank in Luxembourg) where one of their teams is using GlassFish for a portfolio management application.

The application is using Sybase, Windows Server, NetBeans and Java CAPS; it is a fairly small app but planning to expand. The team particularly likes the Admin console and relies on both community and commercial support (sustaining bug fixes) on SJSAS 9.1

For more details, check out the Adoption Story from Alexis and the Adoption Questionare.

We are always looking for adoption stories; if you are interested in helping please let us know at stories at sun dot com. These stories help community grow but also help us ensure that the project remains useful to its users.

PS. Did you know that Luxembourg has the highest GDP per capita in the world? They take banking seriously!


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