Back to school - JCP tabsweep (state management,

If, like TheAquarium, you were out for the past few weeks, you may have missed the following news and links around JCP news.

The draft for Towards a new version of the JavaTM Community Process (JSR 348) is now available with review closing on 12 September 2011. Make sure you read it and voice any concern you may have.

Rapids in small river

Beyond the usual Java EE suspects (see previous posts about Java EE 7 progress), we now have a new comer : Java State Management - JSR 350. This new JSR passed the review ballot with a YES from all voters. Given the aggressive schedule for Java EE 7, it is likely that this new JSR will target Java EE 8 instead, along with other new JSRs that should be filed soon.

Also, if you've missed this in the premiere of the Java Magazine, you can watch an interview of JCP's chair, Patrick Curran.


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