Back to school - Java EE tabsweep (unit testing, decorators, interceptors, spring, refcard, ...)

If, like TheAquarium, you were out for the past few weeks, you may have missed the following news and links around JavaEE.

Adam Bien's latest OTN article is out on Unit Testing for Java EE (using Mockito) while DZone has news on decorators and a brand new Java EE 6 Refcard.

Fireworks in Normandy

Micha writes about Java EE 6, GlassFish and the Interceptor API, J-Development shares an XML-less JavaEE application, and Chuk continues with his jabber musings, this time with CDI conversations.

On the conference front, Nigel Deakin, the spec lead for JMS 2.0 is confirmed as a speaker at this year's Devoxx conference (in addition to being listed as a speaker at this year's JavaOne in San Francisco in October).


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