Apache Camel on OpenESB

Apache Camel

Srinivasan Chikkala reports that support for Apache Camel has been added to OpenESB via the Camel Service Engine (SE) and shows how to use it in this screencast.

Apache Camel can be used for routing and mediation rules and adds one more option for defining the interactions between services to OpenESB by using a Java domain specific language (DSL), Spring based XML configuration, or the (work in progress) Scala DSL.

Louis took the new capability for a test drive with a detailed "how-to" write-up and his impressions in his quest to replicate the demo scenario shown in the Project Fuji preview at JavaOne this year.

The standards based pluggability of OpenESB allows this new component to leverage and be combined with any of the other 30+ components now part of the OpenESB community.


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