Antonio's take on Java EE adoption

Java Champion and Java EE book author Antonio Goncalves was been recently interviewed over at DZone by GlassFish user Hamlet D'Arcy about current and future Java EE. The discussion covers how to move to Java EE 6, from "do nothing" to full Java EE & CDI adoption with intermediary steps such as BeanValidation, simpler EJB packaging, standard JNDI names, or removing useless DAOs.


Based on his experience as an independent consultant Antonio shares some of his ideas for the future of Java EE around flow management and batch, discusses his continued involvement in the JCP as an expert group member, as well as free vs. open source in the context of application servers.

Meanwhile, Antonio's "Java EE 7 – I have a (few) dream(s)" earlier entry keeps getting interesting comments. Check it out.


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