An Unfair Advantage? G1 and OpenDS

I cannot catch up with all the backlog of OpenDS news in a single post so for now I'll just mention the Availability of OpenDS 1.3 b2 and then I want to highlight the work related to Garbage First (G1) GC.


G1 is our most recent Garbage Collecting algorithm and it is intended to replace the current CMS (see John's Overview of JDK's GCs) in JDK7. G1 is sketched in Alex's note; more details in TS-5419 or try it by yourself in a recent OpenJDK.

The OpenDS team has high demands for performance and responsivenes which makes them a good demanding customer for the G1 team (like CBOE!) and, in a recent visit, the two worked together to improve performance - see Matt's writeup. A good example of the advantage to Sun of leading both projects!


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