Agile Adam - 50 minutes, 0 slides


Adam Bien is back from CommunityOne East in NYC and his "Pragmatic Java EE development" session is already online along with a few others. There are no slides, just code.

While Adam uses NetBeans and GlassFish, the session is not about using wizards that generate code in you back but rather standard, convention over configuration, Java EE 5 artifacts. This was apparently all done on a brand new laptop with very little time to setup the environment.

The pace of this presentation is good (I believe the "deploy-on-change" helps a bit here) and from the batch of questions received, I can certainly relate to how difficult it is to appeal to both people that take Java EE 5 for granted (and want to see EE 6 in action) and people seeing JAX-WS, EJB 3, and JPA for the first time.


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