Advanced JDBC Capabilities in GlassFish

Picture of a Server Connection to a Database

These days, it's hard to find a web or enterprise application which doesn't have a database at its core. And if it's implemented in Java, any such application is almost guaranteed to be using JDBC at some level. So it's pretty important to get the most out of your JDBC connections.

Fortuntely, Jagadesh has a trio of write-ups for doing just that with GlassFish. First, he shows how to use JDBC 4.0 in GlassFish V2. Next, he tackles the monitoring of JDBC Connection Pools (via three methods: the admin GUI, the admin CLI, or programatically via AMX). And finally, he looks at the JDBC Connection Pool Templates which are being added to GlassFish (starting with v2 b51) to guide you through configuration for various different databases and drivers (since each has its own quirks).


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