AddOns for OpenSource - The MySQL Query Analyzer

Commercial Open Source is a game changer, but it is also a game of balances between different interests: the free user and the paying customer, the individual developer and the partner and the corporate developer, short-term adoption and long-term revenue. There are a number of different business models for OpenSource that attempt to navigate these interests and Sun follows a combination of support, services, hardware/systems drag, and Add-Ons.


Sun just announced a new Add-On as part of the MySQL Enterprise Subscription. The MySQL Query Analyzer is designed to save time and effort in finding and fixing problem queries; "time and effort vs money" being the trade-off between the free and for-pay offerings. For details, check the Overview article, Zach's Introduction and the interview with the project lead, Mark Matthews.

Coverage of the new offering includes InformationWeek and ComputerWorld. There is already a very nice testimonial from the Clickability CTO; another report (nb. from a sun employee) is here. And you can make your own evaluation through the MySQL Trials offering.



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