... Facelets, OpenSocial and Shindig, Mango, JavaEE Workshop, Mitel and Dtrace

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Jeffrey reports that the trunk of NetBeans 6.5 now includes Facelets Support. The plan is for JSF 2.0 to include a presentation language evolved from Facelets; see Ed's latest post.

Jamey reports that OpenSocial 0.8.1 is ready and Shindig 1.0 is very close. Good news for SocialSite as it relies on both.

From Adam an announcement of a JavaEE Workshop. Adam says he is writing a book for O'Reilly - will check out with him, but I presume it is based on GlassFish Server.

And a new acronym from Yip-Hin: MANGO, as in My SQL And Netbeans, Glassfish and Open. First time I hear it; cute name, but all I know is this entry.

From Canada news of a partnership between Mitel and Sun that's leveraging VoIP and Sun's thin client technology (SunRays); see Partnership Description.

And The Observatory continues with their series on reasons to use OpenSolaris; number 2 is DTrace.


Hi Eduardo,

I write the book in my "leisure" - so I cannot effort to loose time with setups and implementation of the infrastructure.
So ...I have to use Glassfish v2/3 together with Netbeans 6.5 for the samples :-). The main focus of the book, however, are best practices and patterns rethinking, so it will be server agnostic.

thanks for covering my post!,


Posted by Adam Bien on August 31, 2008 at 09:00 PM PDT #

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