A GlassFish Community Wiki

Duke for GlassFish V2

There is now a Community Wiki for Project GlassFish. The project has several goals: provide an unified view on all the different Java.Net projects in GlasFish, make it easier for the community to contribute directly, and be able to keep pace with the increasingly faster pace of activity. We are going to move all the content of the Older Wiki there and we will post also there roadmap and milestone plans. I also want to start using the wiki to capture all the useful information that is described in TheAquarium.

The Wiki is running on JSPWiki on GlassFish. The project is barely a week old and still unstable. We are announcing the project early in the spirit of transparency of GlassFish V2 and to encourage participation but expect substantial changes to the content and format of the site.

The project is open to contributions from any community member and we expect a substantial number of contributors after things stabilize. The Wiki is in english but we are considering localizations to other languages; let us know if you are interested in helping in that area or any other contributions. Shreedhar is Coordinating the Wiki.

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