2008 Summer Olympics - Pick your winner!

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The 2008 Summer Olympics are starting today! As you can read here, Sun and specifically Zembly.com (a new online site to easily create and host social applications) is taking this opportunity to launch myPicks Beijing 2008, a social betting site described here by Prakash.

If you wish to find out more about Zembly, this interview with Todd Fast and this demo of the platform should give you a idea of the possibilities. This service is powered by Solaris, GlassFish, MySQL and is running on Network.com. Zembly.com helps you build not only Facebook applications, but also iPhone web apps, Meebo applications, Google Gadgets, and OpenSocial applications.

On the topic of Sun's implication in the 2008 Olympics, check out this brief description of the datacenter powering the NBCOlympics website. Yet more details here.


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