100K Concurrent Transactions - WebServices in GlassFish

Kohsuke head shot

Last week we released the First Milestone of GlassFish V2, which includes the New WS Implementation. The performance numbers are very nice but when we started talking with the Business Integration folks they asked for many (over 100,000) concurrent requests, each taking substantial (say over 5 minutes) time...

So, Kohsuke and Jitu have been exploring a refinement of the V2 WS implementation so it is Truly Asynchronous. This iteration would replace Pipe with Valve using the ideas of Fibers. The result is very very good scalability with minimal impact in response time. Check the slides here and here. This change is not yet committed into the GlassFish roadmap. Technical discussions are in the DEV mailing lists of WSIT and JAX-WS


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