Welcome to the New Aquarium!

We're back! Now that we've migrated to blogs.oracle.com we have a new shiny look and don't intend to change the content from what you have been used to. Check out the few entries posted while we were not publicly visible. Other companion blogs such as the GlassFish Stories, The GlassFish Podcast or GlassFish for Business have also been migrated. As for individual blogs, you should not only be able to continue reading content from the GlassFish engineers but we've spent...

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The Aquarium turns 5!

TheFirst Post in TheAquarium was on Nov 30th, 2005 and I'm using that as an excuse to put together a5 year retrospective, but here I want to highlight this graph from Google Trends: That uptick at the end of 2005 aligns well the start of the TheAquarium.Causality between the two events is hard toprove, but I'll go ahead and claim that's the case. As you can see,GlassFish grew very nicely for three years until it peaked with the launch of Sun's GlassFish Portfolio(the "E" flag...

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The Story of a Tweet - Oracle's Premium JVM

This is the story of a tweet... Last week Adam went to QCon San Francisco to talk about "The Road Ahead for Java". Adam covered the Java SE Strategy, presented by Oracle at JavaOne via aPR, keynotes and sessions likeS319476 by Paul and Henrik. The relevant section from the PR is: The Oracle JDK and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) will continue to be available as free downloads, with no changes to the existing licensing models. Premium offerings such as JRockit Mission Control,...

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