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Diversity is Good for \*you\*

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Different strains of Corn

BioDiversity is good,
and so is diversity of implementations.
I've been the specification lead for a number of JCP expert groups,
and I believe that the specifications are better when there are multiple competing
implementations that "keep them honest".
Customers also benefit from having several strong implementations competing
for their attention,
while the compatiblity requirements of
the Java EE specification simplify moving an
application from one container to the other.

It will be very interesting to see the evolution of the Java EE implementation space.
The presence of several strong open source implementations may actually reverse the
recent trend towards consolidation of implementations, as smaller players can borrow
pieces from here and there to complement their strengths.

Here are two posts in the last few days about
different application servers:
ObjectWeb revamp,
Geronimo announcement.
And one that Todd tells me is about the same topic, although it is in

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