Friday May 30, 2014

Java EE @ No Fluff Just Stuff Tour

If you work in the US and still don't know what the No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Tour is, you are doing yourself a very serious disfavor. NFJS is basically a set program of world class speakers and topics offered at major US cities year round. I am proud to share with you that I recently joined the legendary NFJS troupe. My hope is that this will help solve the lingering problem of effectively spreading the Java EE message here in the US.

I had my tour debut on April 4-5 with the NFJS New York Software Symposium. I did four of my most favorite talks and it was not that bad for a start - I have more in the coming months in Columbus Ohio, Denver Colorado and Austin Texas. More details on the tour posted on my personal blog.

Hope to see you on the tour soon?