Thursday May 29, 2014

GlassFish/Java EE Community Open Forum Tomorrow!

Still have lingering questions on the goals and future of GlassFish? Want to know a little more about the upcoming GlassFish 4.0.1 release? Something on your mind about Java EE 8/GlassFish 5? You have a golden opportunity to pose your questions and speak your mind tomorrow!

The good folks over at C2B2 have gone through a lot of time and effort to organize a very useful online event for the London GlassFish User Group - they are having me answer all your questions online, in real time, "face-to-face". Steve Millidge of C2B2 will be moderating the questions and joining the conversation. Did I mention the event was online, free and open to anyone?

The event is tomorrow (May 30th), so make sure to register as soon as possible through the C2B2 website (the registration page has more details on the event). It will be held at 4:30 PM BST / 11:30 AM EST / 8:30 AM PST - you must register to participate. Hope to talk to you tomorrow?