Tuesday May 20, 2014

Another Tyrus release!

Tyrus is JSR 356 (Java API for WebSocket) Reference Implementation. The Team working on it doesn't stand still as they have just released another update, i.e. Tyrus 1.6!
As usual, each Tyrus release comes with a set of fixes but also with some new features, here are some them :
  • The ability to switch to JDK 1.7 based transport on the client side
  • JMX based Monitoring Server Side Resources Utilisation 
  • WebSocket Application Descriptor Language (WSADL) : an XML descriptor of deployed endpoints. WSADL is to WebSocket what WADL is to RESTful web services.
  • etc.

Also, there was a problem with JSR 356 that prevent to use, in a consistent way, Lambda expressions when registering a message handler. The good news is that this is now solved in Tyrus 1.6! We can also expect in the weeks to come a small update to the JSR 356 specification to clarify this point as well.

For additional details on Tyrus 1.6, make sure to check Pavel's blog post.