Wednesday Apr 30, 2014

4,000 posts later : The Aquarium

This is a special post! Today, we will really not talk about Java EE 7, HTML 5 or any recent conference. Today's post is devoted to this blog, The Aquarium, as this post marks an important milestone in its life, i.e. this is the 4,000th TA post (*)! 4,000 might be a lot but if you count in vigesimal (base 20), that's only A00. So everything is relative!

The Aquarium was launched in December 2005. You can still see the the first post here. So The Aquarium, or TA as we internally called it, was launched more than 3,000 days ago, 3066 days ago to be precise. That is 8 years, 4 months and 23 days ago! So it is a good opportunity to look back as a lot of things has changed since then...

To put things in perspective, in December 2005 we were still using J2EE 1.4 and Java SE 5! Java SE 6 was launched a year later in December 2006 while Java EE 5 was finalised in May of the same year. At the same time, the first release of GlassFish was released.  2006 also marks the open-sourcing of Java. So clearly, 2006 was a pivotal year!

A lot of things have changed since then... At that time, we were talking about J2EE. We went trough important evolutions as we evolved from EJB 2.1 (J2EE 1.4) to the now easy to use EJB 3.x components model. Back in those days, we didn't had at our disposal technologies such as JPA, CDI, JAX-RS, WebSocket, Bean Validation, etc. It was another era! Since then, a lot of water went under the bridge! In all those years, Java EE has unarguably evolved towards a leaner, more robust, easier to use enterprise platform. Java EE 7 has been finalised mid of last year while Java SE 8 has been launched a few weeks ago. In parallel, the work on Java EE 8 and Java SE 9 has already been started.

A lot of things have changed since then... The first release of GlassFish was released in 2006 as the Java EE 5 Reference Implementation. 7 years later, GlassFish 4.0 was released as the Java EE 7 Reference Implementation. The thing that has not changed in all those years is the fact that GlassFish, the Java EE Reference Implementation was, is and will remain Open Source!

A lot of things have changed since then... but despite that, there are still a few people that are using Java SE 5 and there are still a few people referring to the platform as J2EE! :(

A lot of things have changed since then... the Java eco-system has evolved too. A JavaOne T-Shirt is a good way to look at some of those evolutions in that space.

A JavaOne T-Shirt - Circa 2004-2005 

A lot of things have changed since then... In 2005, it was embarrassing to put JavaScript on a CV. JavaScript on a CV is now a 'must-have'.

A lot of things have changed since then... The Java EE Platform is now more popular than ever. Over those years, The Aquarium has grown to become an information hub for the Java EE Community. One thing hasn't changed, it is the spirit. There is team working behind The Aquarium, it is really a team effort. And you, the community reading The Aquarium is really our reward! So on behalf of all the people involved in The Aquarium over all those years, thanks a lot! It's because of you that The Aquarium is what it is today. Without you and your continued support, the work behind TA would be useless and irrelevant.

And to reach even more community members, we continue to expand the channels for the Java EE platform : Twitter, Facebook and Google+.