Tuesday Apr 01, 2014

GlassFish Server World Cup Edition

We are today very proud to announce the plans and roadmap for our loved GlassFish server and its upcoming versions. In order to continue the availability of the Java EE Platform but also ease the development efforts in solving real world problems, the GlassFish team brings to you a sneak peek of the upcoming GlassFish Server World Cup Edition.

The first releases will be focused on major events like Olympics, America's Cup, and anything that will make you wonder why the heck this was not built before but instead only an abstract platform to run custom applications?! Wonder no more! We decided to provide you with specific GlassFish Server <fill in your real world bussiness need> Editions. Waste no more time in writing code, debugging, deploying, and maintaining custom applications. Submit your business need to our GlassFish JIRA with the tag #SpecialEdition and we may consider it in our roadmap.

Utopic customers, if you are looking for commercial support of the GlassFish Server World Cup Edition, grab some popcorn and watch a real game on your TV while you wait for the announcement of Oracle WebLogic World Cup 2018 Edition at Oracle OpenWorld 2017.