Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

Your Opinion Needed: Help Shape Oracle Java EE Certifications

As many of you know, Oracle has a pretty successful certification program around Java EE. The program is now being expanded to cover Java EE 7. To help focus the certification material to real world Java EE 7 development needs, the folks behind the certification program are trying to do a survey to best understand Java EE 7 usage (or potential usage) patterns and roles. This is a great opportunity for you to ensure that all of your peers (and perhaps even you) can go through a high quality certification program that's actually useful beyond getting a piece of paper. Below are some loose guidelines as to who the survey is really targeting (keep in mind none of this is hard-and-fast and the real point is getting useful input).

  • Currently working with Java EE 7 or have plans to develop with Java EE 7 in the near future.
    • Ideal candidates have 2-4 years experience with the previous Java EE technology versions.
    • Should be well-versed in development trends.
  • Recruiting and/or hiring candidates to develop Java EE 7 applications.
    • Ideal candidates have 2-4 years experience hiring Java developers into a variety of roles, including front-end and server-side development.
    • Should be technically savvy and be able to articulate the skills and knowledge they believe are required to staff successful Java EE front-end and server-side projects.
    • Should have an opinion about the direction the industry is headed.

The survey is not long - it'll take you about 10-15 minutes to complete. It will be open until the end of November and any input you have will be worth it's weight in gold :-). You can take the survey on SurveyMonkey.