Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

Survey Sez: Java EE 7 to Become Predominant in Just a Few Years!

An interesting way to gauge the momentum behind a technology is surveying informed developer opinion. With this fact in mind, editor Kevin Farnham recently posed the perhaps slightly tongue-in-cheek question - "How long will it be before Java EE 7 is the most widely used Java EE version?". Intriguingly, a majority of responders (a solid 64%) believed EE 7 will become the most widely used version in 2-3 years or less. A full 80% believed it will take 5 years or less.

As such, I suspect most readers probably have a slight tilt towards EE or at least are pretty well informed about EE. Having spent a few years working in the enterprise, my own gut reaction is probably more along the lines of the 3-5 year margin. This is at least in part because I happen to think that EE 6 with CDI 1 was a particularly effective release that enterprises can and will get a lot of mileage out of, just like J2EE 1.4 in it's era.

This is also equally true of EE 7 though, perhaps explaining the poll result. Regardless of the ultimate time lines, the vectors seem to be pointing in the right direction even from a quick look at Google trends. Java EE fans should take a moment to rejoice, look to getting EE 7 adopted in their organization and start thinking about what they want from EE 8 :-).

For folks interested, Kevin detailed the poll with a write-up.