Monday Apr 01, 2013

GlassFish in Space

The cat is out of the bag, so we might as well publicly announce the effort. GlassFish Labs has been diligently working with Anahata Technologies on the GlassFish 4 super cluster. The joint engineering effort resulted a low-latency clustering fabric with an advanced session replication algorithm that can run on resource constrained devices like the Rasberry Pi.  The source code is fully open source on, but has escaped public visibility due to the branch created under the ".MoveAlongNothingToSeeHere" hidden SVN tag, escaping notice.

Stay tuned, the code will be merged into GlassFish Server, Extraterrestrial Edition. In addition, we expect the lessons learned to eventually result in the creation of  Java EE 10, Satellite Profile.

We'd like to thank Anahata Technologies for their ingenuity and creativity in initiating this effort.

Java EE@33rd Degree 2013

33rd Degree 2013 was held in historic Warsaw, Poland on March 13-15. For those unaware, dubbed "the Conference for Java Masters" this is the premier Java conference for Poland. It attempts to bring together elite speakers in the Java community across the globe. Some notable speakers this year included Tim Berglund, Adam Bien, Ted Neward, Dan North, Simon Ritter, Venkat Subramaniam, Geertjan Wielenga and Kai Wahner.

I delivered three full-house talks - my talk on Java EE 7 (our flagship talk), a talk on WebSocket/JSR 356 and my DDD/next-generation Java EE BluePrints talk. More details on the sessions and 33rd Degree, including the slide decks and code, posted on my personal blog.