Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

David Blevins on TomEE/Java EE Web Profile

TomEE is one of the most exciting developments in the Java EE ecosystem. For those unaware, TomEE is a very cool Apache project that starts from Tomcat and adds OpenWebBeans, OpenEJB, OpenJPA, MyFaces, Apache CXF and ActiveMQ to create a very capable, lightweight Java EE environment! TomEE is one of the greatest examples of certified Java EE Web Profile implementations. It is also a great option for Java EE developers focused on Tomcat.


David Blevins, the project lead for TomEE, recently did a pretty interesting interview with JAX Magazine. In the interview, David talked about the history/motivation/value proposition behind TomEE, the Java EE Web Profile, the relationship between CDI, EJB and Java EE, the relationship between Tomcat and TomEE as well as Java EE 7. It is definitely a worthwhile, thought-provoking read...