Thursday Jan 10, 2013

OW2 JOnAS Java EE 6 Web Profile Certified!

We warmly welcome OW2 JOnAS to the Java EE 6 family! OW2 successfully certified a snapshot of JOnAS 5.3.0 M8 against the Java EE 6 Web Profile TCK. This brings the number of Web Profile implementations to no less than eight and the total number of certified platforms on the official Java EE compatibility page to nineteen.

Other Java EE 6 Web Profile platforms include Resin and Apache TomEE. GlassFish, JBoss AS, WebLogic, Websphere, and others provide full Java EE 6 platform compliance.

The veteran distinctly European open source application server is currenly in the release candidate stage and is expected to reach final release stage soon. Read more details about the release here.

Tuesday Jan 08, 2013

It's time to revisit JSF 2.2

Java EE 7 is about to be launched, and along with it, JSF 2.2. There are so many cool new things coming up that everyone who's not using it yet on a web project, should revisit it. Read the blog post titled "Reasons to why I'm reconsidering JSF" to get a better understanding on why you could, or should, look again at Java Server Faces for your future projects.

There's also a great presentation Ed Burns showed in JavaOne 2012, "What’s New in JSF: A Complete Tour of JSF 2.2". This will certainly give you ideas, and show you how much JSF has evolved along with the Java EE platform.

Also, if you feel that JSF 2.2 is missing something for Java EE 7, don't hesitate to participate and adopt JSR 344 through our Adopt a JSR effort.

Happy web coding!

Monday Jan 07, 2013

Join Adopt-a-JSR Online Meetup!

As you might be aware, the Adopt-a-JSR program was started by the London Java Community and SouJava to encourage more grassroots level participation in the JCP. The idea is for developers to closely engage with a JSR they are interested in through their own JUG. No less than 15 JUGs worldwide have already joined the Adopt-a-JSR program including Chennai JUG, BeJUG, GoJava, Morrocco JUG, Campinas JUG and ItpJava.

The folks behind the Adopt-a-JSR program are now hosting an online meetup on January 18th! Anyone can join the meetup to learn more details about the program, how it benefits them and their JUG, and how they can provide feedback. Martijn Verberg from the LJC, Bruno Souza from SouJava, Arun Gupta from the Java EE/GlassFish team and Heather VanCura from the JCP program office will be leading the meetup.

Here are the details for the WebEx:

Topic: Adopt-a-JSR
Date: Friday, January 18th
Time: 9:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)
WebExMeeting Number: 809 259 015
WebExMeeting Password: 23678

Here are the audio conference details:

Call: +1 (866) 682-4770 (US, toll free) or +1 (408) 774-4073 (US, local)
Conference code: 945-4597
Security code: 23678 ("adopt" on your phone handset)
* For global access numbers see

Hope to see you there!

If you happen to miss it, no worries - recordings of the meetup and associated materials will be posted on the JCP multimedia page.

Friday Jan 04, 2013

Using Apache TomEE with NetBeans

TomEE is one of the most exciting developments in the Java EE ecosystem. For those unaware, TomEE is a very cool Apache project that starts from Tomcat and adds OpenWebBeans, OpenEJB, OpenJPA, MyFaces, Apache CXF and ActiveMQ to create a very capable Java EE environment! TomEE is one of the greatest examples of certified Java EE Web Profile implementations. It is also a great option for Java EE developers focused on Tomcat.

This great article describes how you can use TomEE with NetBeans (you can also use Eclipse, check the TomEE docs).

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

JMS 2 Public Review Draft Published

JMS 2 is arguably one of the most important parts of Java EE 7. The JMS 2 EG officially published it's Public Review Draft today. Characteristic to the great work JMS 2 spec lead Nigel Deakin always seems to pull off, he created a pretty detailed page for the Public Review Draft on the project for JMS 2.

Nigel invites you to read the draft/Javadocs, download the reference implementation (standalone or with GlassFish), take the JMS 2 example code for a spin and send either him or the EG your feedback. The page also neatly summarizes the actual changes in JMS 2. The formal review period began on January 3rd and ends on February 4th, so act now!

Wednesday Jan 02, 2013

JavaOne 2013 Russia, India, China and USA!

In the new year, we are looking forward to keeping our continued resolution to make JavaOne a truly global phenomenon. Although they have not been completely ossified yet, these are roughly the dates for JavaOne 2013 Russia, India, China and San Francisco:

  • Moscow, Russia: April 23-24, 2013
  • Hyderabad, India: May 8-9, 2013
  • Shanghai, China: July 23-25, 2013
  • San Francisco, USA: September 22-26, 2013

Stay tuned for the call-for-papers, further details, schedule and registration. Save the date and hope to see you there!