Tuesday Jan 08, 2013

It's time to revisit JSF 2.2

Java EE 7 is about to be launched, and along with it, JSF 2.2. There are so many cool new things coming up that everyone who's not using it yet on a web project, should revisit it. Read the blog post titled "Reasons to why I'm reconsidering JSF" to get a better understanding on why you could, or should, look again at Java Server Faces for your future projects.

There's also a great presentation Ed Burns showed in JavaOne 2012, "What’s New in JSF: A Complete Tour of JSF 2.2". This will certainly give you ideas, and show you how much JSF has evolved along with the Java EE platform.

Also, if you feel that JSF 2.2 is missing something for Java EE 7, don't hesitate to participate and adopt JSR 344 through our Adopt a JSR effort.

Happy web coding!