Monday Dec 17, 2012

A Panorama of JavaOne Latin America

As you know, JavaOne Latin America 2012 was held at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil on December 4-6. It was a resounding success with a great vibe, excellent technical content and numerous world class speakers, both local and international.

Various folks like Tori Wieldt, Steve Chin, Arun Gupta, Bruno Borges and myself looked at the conference from slightly different colored lenses. It's interesting to put them all together in a panoramatic collage:

Tori wrote about the Sao Paulo Geek Bike Ride held the Saturday before the conference here (enjoy the photos and video). She also discusses the keynotes in great detail here.

Steve looked at it from the viewpoint of someome instrumental to putting the event together. Read his thoughts here (he has more geek bike ride photos as well as material for his JavaFX/HTML 5 talk).

Arun had a more holistic view of the conference. He covers the geek bike ride, the GlassFish party (organized by Bruno Borges), his Java EE talks, and more. Check out the cool photos as well as the technical material.

Bruno provides the critical local perspective in his 7 reasons you had to be at JavaOne Latin America 2012. He discusses the OTN Lounge, the hands-on-lab, the Java community keynote, Java EE technical sessions and of course the GlassFish party!

I covered the GlassFish booth, the lab and my technical sessions (as well as Sao Paulo's lively metal underground) here.