Tuesday Apr 03, 2012

Tuning GlassFish for Production

The GlassFish distribution is optimized for developers and need simple deployment and server configuration changes to provide the performance typically required for production usage. The formal Performance Tuning Guide provides an explanation of capacity planning and tuning tips for application, GlassFish, JVM, and the operating system.


The GlassFish Server Control (only with the commercial edition) also comes with Performance Tuner that optimizes the runtime for optimal throughput and scalability.

And then there are multiple blogs that provide more insights as well:

Optimizing GlassFish for Production (Diego Silva, Mar 2012)
GlassFish Production Tuning (Vegard Skjefstad, Nov 2011)
GlassFish in Production (Sunny Saxena, Jul 2011)
Putting GlassFish v3 in Production: Essential Surviving Guide (JeanFrancois, Nov 2009)
A GlassFish Tuning Primer (Scott Oaks, Dec 2007)

What is your favorite source for GlassFish Performance Tuning ?