Tuesday Feb 14, 2012

New OTN Article - Agile GlassFish

Julien Ponge has another article up on OTN about GlassFish - Adding Some Agility to Java EE Application Deployment with GlassFish with full code sample.

This new article focuses on making the most out of the current stable version of GlassFish using a combination of new Java EE 6 and GlassFish unique features.

Make sure you also read Julien's GlassFish Clustering article in the latest issue of the Java Magazine.


Monday Feb 13, 2012

Another RC(4) build for GlassFish 3.1.2

GlassFish 3.1.2 Build 22 is now available and flagged as RC4.

We had hoped to stop at RC3 but community feedback had us re-spin another RC build to integrate an important bug fix. While we can't do this forever, if you do have an issue with this build, please let us know via the issue tracker or even here using a comment to this post.


Tab Sweep - Jersey troubleshooting, Java's Road Ahead, EE Beans, type-safe JSF, websocket and more

Recent Tips and News on Java, Java EE 6, GlassFish & more :

Radio Receiver

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make jsf more type-safe with cdi and myfaces-codi (Gerhard)
What’s new in Java 7 – The (Quiet) NIO File Revolution (Bill)
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Friday Feb 10, 2012

Java EE 6 - Yet another Fujitsu compatible product

We now have a new Java EE 6 product in the family - Fujitsu Interstage Application Server V10.1, a different product from the one mentioned last summer.

Details in this Press Release reveal that other than support for the Java EE 6 Full Platform, it offers mobile features with support for jQuery Mobile.

Fujitsu Logo

The detailled tested configuration for this product should sound pretty familiar to readers with components such as EclipseLink, Weld, or Metro.

Thursday Feb 09, 2012

A status on JAX-RS 2.0. Early Draft.

With the Early Draft of JAX-RS 2.0 review period closed for a little while now, here's Arun's walk through the technology's new and improved features.


The Client API seems to be a very popular feature and one that seems pretty stable at this point. Filters and Handlers is another set of new features enabling interception of requests and responses while Hypermedia, a founding principle for REST, is better supported. JAX-RS 2.0 also offers the ability to validation parameters with BeanValidation, introduces asynchronous processing (returning Future objects on the client side) and finally better connection negotiation. Read all about it here.

JAX-RS has become an important component of the Java EE platform and the cloud theme going forward is only making it even more relevant. Check out this earlier post for Marek's (co Spec Lead on JAX-RS 2.0) take on where the JSR stands.

GlassFish 3.1.2 RC3 is here

GlassFish 3.1.2 Build 21 is now available and flagged as RC3.
Get it while it's hot, it may be the final build if we don't run into major issues. We've never been so close to a final 3.1.2 release! (do I sound like a broken record or am I just excited that this great release is finally here? ;)


Wednesday Feb 08, 2012

Yet another Java EE 7 spec - WebSocket is JSR 356!

JSR 356 has been filed by Oracle : "Java API for WebSocket". The spec lead is Danny Coward and this JSR is scheduled for inclusion in Java EE 7

While it's great to have both server and client support for WebSocket in Grizzly and GlassFish, it's probably even better to have a standard to encourage portable code. The Review Ballot is scheduled to start on 21 Feb, 2012.


With this JSR, I believe the list for Java EE 7 is now complete. You can get the full list in the latest issue of the Java Magazine and catch recent posts using the javaee7 tag.

Grizzly now with AHC-powered WebSocket client

With the recent release of Async HTTP Client (AHC) 1.7.0, Ryan has details on how this impacts Grizzly to essentially provide support for WebSocket clients.


Ryan covers the new grizzly-http-client Maven artifact for AHC and introduces UpgradeHandler, WebSocketListener, WebSocket interfaces for WebSocket support with a short but complete working sample.

With this release, Grizzly now provides support for both sides of the WebSocket wire. Both GlassFish 3.1.2 and of course 4.0 will offer support for the final version of server-side WebSocket. if you're eager to use the technology in your application, then you should try out recent builds of 3.1.2 and let us know how things work for you.

Tuesday Feb 07, 2012

Masoud Kalali on the GlassFish Team!

Masoud Kalali is the latest addition to our GlassFish team and probably, of the recent hires, the one with the longest resume.

He's a Java Developer (of course), a blogger, a book author (a few refcardz too), a JCP Expert Group member, and much more.

Masoud will be working on configuration, security (he did write a book on the subject) as well as building PaaS management and infrastructure features.


Welcome Masoud!

Last call for the new TheAquarium Feed

Hopefully by now you've all adjusted your feeds to the updated one for this blog : blogs.oracle.com/theaquarium/feed/entries/atom.

Redirects you may have been using are going away soon. Sorry...


Monday Feb 06, 2012

The latest Java Magazine issue is out and it's all about JavaEE!

Well, okay not all of it is about JavaEE but you'll find the following in this issue of the Java Magazine :


• An interview with Cameron Purdy, VP of development on why Java EE is ideally suited for the cloud.
• A "Lightweight PubSub (with Java EE 6) article by Adam "Rockstar" Bien.
• Julien Ponge's first part to a series of GlassFish-related articles: "clustering and HA made simple with GlassFish".
• Devoxx 2011 Java EE 7 coverage.
• A complete list of Java EE 7 JSRs (stay up to date by following the jcp tag here).
• An interview with Mollom's Dries Buytaert on "Winning the War Against Spam with Java" (a follow-up to this GlassFish story).
• Part 2 of Max' Introduction to RESTful Web Services.
• An introduction to jHome.

Other than the technical (Java EE and GlassFish-related) aspect, I find the spam fighting discussion in the Mollom interview to be fascinating.

Sunday Feb 05, 2012

POJOMapping in Jersey for type-safe clients

Over on his blog, Jason Lee has a detailed post on the new POJOMapping feature in Jersey/GlassFish which offers strongly-typed client API's and illustrates this with a GlassFish Cluster administration sample.


The post shows how to enable POJOMapping with a Jersey servlet initialization parameter and goes on to show the Cluster domain model. An archive with the entire sample is available there.

Friday Feb 03, 2012

GlassFish 3.1.2 Release Candidate builds are here!

GlassFish 3.1.2 has never been so close to a GA/FCS release with promoted build b19 now available as Release Candidate (RC) 1. In fact you might as well go straight to RC2 (build 20), also now available from the promoted builds page.


If you're not sure which archive to use, try this one. Another RC build (RC3) is planned in the next few days. Hopefully it'll be the last one before the product ships.

So make sure you test your applications work properly with the latest promoted build and check out recent blog posts on 3.1.2 if you're wondering what to expect from this release. See you in a short while for a stable public release!

Now you know what to do over the week-end! :)

Thursday Feb 02, 2012

Cumulogic, yet another PaaS platform for GlassFish

Cumulogic is another PaaS provider offering Java as a platform and specifically GlassFish 3.1.1 as of their December 2011 release.


CumuLogic PaaS has a dual public and private cloud strategy and support for Amazon EC2, OpenStack, Citrix-CloudStack, Eucalyptus, and VMware vSphere. It also offers RESTful APIs to manage the application lifecycle, and PaaS administration APIs to manage and monitor the platform.

For more details, you can read their data sheet, one where you'll learn that James Gosling is one of the company's advisors.