Tuesday Feb 14, 2012

GlassFish Hosting with eApps

eApps is yet another choice for GlassFish users looking for hosting options. They offer GlassFish in a dedicated Xen CentOS VM as a 24/7 supported application service by eApps in-house staff.


Horizontal scalability can be achieved with dedicated load-balancer VM's. eApps has been offering GlassFish as an option for a little while now and here's what they have to say about it :
"GlassFish is not just another Java application server.", "Fast AND good." or "There is no better environment for the serious Java developer."

New OTN Article - Agile GlassFish

Julien Ponge has another article up on OTN about GlassFish - Adding Some Agility to Java EE Application Deployment with GlassFish with full code sample.

This new article focuses on making the most out of the current stable version of GlassFish using a combination of new Java EE 6 and GlassFish unique features.

Make sure you also read Julien's GlassFish Clustering article in the latest issue of the Java Magazine.