This Week's Webinar - OpenSocial for GlassFish

We have one Webinar this week, plus a heads up for two forthcoming webinars: • On Thursday, October 9th, 11:15am PT, a Technical Webinar onSocialSite and OpenSocial by David Johnson (of Apache Roller fame). Dave will describe the basics ofOpenSocial and will introduceSocialSite and describe its benefits, architecture and Widgets and Web Services. And, a heads up to the Brazilian and Spanish speaking communities: I am planning to host two special 1 hour webinars to coverGlassFish...

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Cargo Support for GlassFish v2

Kohsuke has added Cargo support for GlassFish v2. Cargo is a popular mechanism for automatic some container tasks; check out the website and their examples. A direct motivator for Cargo support was Atlassian JIRA-14604 (see Atlassian Support for GF). We will see if it helps...

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... JavaEE 6 Progress, IPS Wiki, Hudson and Windows, Graphical BPEL, and Sony PRS700 vs Kindle 2

A compilation of today's news of interest: alt="Radio Receiver Icon" width="89" height="99" hspace="4" vspace="4" align="left"/> Roberto has provided a Schedule Update forJavaEE 6. As a brief summary:JAX-RS is in Final Draft,EJB 3.1 in Public Draft, and the remaining specs will also be in PD by end of October, and all the specs are planned to be final byJavaOne 09 (June 2-5, 2009). Chris, in the UC2 team, hasannounced a new user-focused site for the multi-platform IPS-based...

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Webinars this Week - EJB 3.1, GlassFish Partners

We have two Webinars this week: • On Monday, Sept 29th, 9am PT, a Special Webinar for GlassFish Partners, to cover GlassFish v3 Prelude and the rest of the GlassFish roadmap. • On Thursday, Oct 2nd, 11:15am PT, a Technical Overview of EJB 3.1, by Ken Saks (Note the new start time). Ken says the EG has a new draft almost ready, hopefully he will be able to cover it.

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IBM and Standards on Standards

The NY Times reported on an IBM effort to "(increase) standards transparency, fairness and quality". Check out theStandards Page@IBM and theStandards For Standards document. The news was also reported atCNet,SlashDot andGroklaw, and several mention the recent FastTrack vote on OOXML (and at least one also mentions theWS-I). My kudos to IBM, I think this is a good move. Incidentally, the JCP is also trying to improve transparency in general, andseveral of us are trying to...

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... Ajax and NB, Mural and MDM, RESTful Comet, GF with Hibernate and MySQL, OpenSource Contributors, Grizzlies, Fast JavaScript and more iPhone Rejections

A compilation of today's news of interest: alt="Radio Receiver Icon" width="89" height="99" hspace="4" vspace="4" align="left"/> The NetBeans folks have a newIntroductory Tutorial to Ajax, now updated to the forthcoming NetBeans 6.5. Srenga points that the DataMashup Service Engine fromMural is Part of GlassFish ESB and also points to Manish's Tutorial on building a Server-Side Data Mashup. From Carol a Screencast on RESTful Comet, based on her previous posts. From Peter Mularien ...

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