Join Adopt-a-JSR Online Meetup!

As you might be aware, the Adopt-a-JSR program was started by the London Java Community and SouJava to encourage more grassroots level participation in the JCP. The idea is for developers to closely engage with a JSR they are interested in through their own JUG. No less than 15 JUGs worldwide have already joined the Adopt-a-JSR program including Chennai JUG, BeJUG, GoJava, Morrocco JUG, Campinas JUG and ItpJava. The folks behind the Adopt-a-JSR program are now hosting...

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Japan, March 2011

There are times when we all find it difficult to find adequate words and this disaster in Japan is one of them. Let me just say here that the GlassFish team and TheAquarium community share the grief with our Oracle fellow colleagues, customers, partners, friends and everyone hit by the earthquake. May you all be strong facing this adversity. Consider making a donation.

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JSR 316 - JCP Approves the Java EE 6 Public Review

The Executive Committee for EE/SE has approved the Public Review for JSR 316, the Java EE 6 Specification. The vote was 12 YES, 1 NO, 1 ABSTAIN, and 1 NO-VOTED; see Ballot Results. You can download the PRD draft, and, as always, your feedback to the Executive Committee and to the JSR316 EG are very welcome.

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GlassFish Portfolio Webinar in Spanish - Thursday, Feb 26th

Next week I will host a special webinar in spanish on Thursday to cover the GlassFish Portfolio, following the model we just used for the Chinese and Japanese editions. The time of my presentation will be: • Spanish - Eduardo, et al. - Thu, Feb 26th, 1:00pm PT / 3pm Mexico / 10pm Madrid 1-1.5 hrs, hopefully with plenty of Q&A. Details at Show Page. The portuguese version is still being scheduled but it will very likely be the week of March 1st.

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More GlassFish Adoption Stories: SFR, T-Mobile USA, Medavie Blue Cross, Pretium Telecom

We just pushed out four new GlassFishAdoption Stories. Three of the stories are from telcos (from the US, the Netherlands and France), the remaining one is a health care company from Canada: • SFR - Developer APIs, GlassFish-powered - Telco in France. • T-Mobile, High Availability and GlassFish - Telco in the USA. • Medavie Blue Cross - Standards Eliminating Vendor Lock-In - Health Care in Canada. • Pretium Telecom - GlassFish ESB in Telco - Telco in The Netherlands.

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JSR 299 (nee WebBeans) Public Review is Approved by the JCP

The Executive Committee for EE/SE has approved the Public Review for JSR 299 (see JSR 299 - WebBeans is Dead. Long Live Java Contexts and Dependency Injection!). The vote was 14 YES and 2 ABSTAIN - see Ballot Results. The voters raised a number of concerns but they all recognized the big recent improvements. Good progress! PS. Bean Validation (JSR 303) was also approved with the same vote but with no significant technical comments. See Ballot Results.

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