Background on Oracle’s contribution to Jakarta EE

  Today, the Eclipse Foundation is making a number of community updates on Jakarta EE, the brand under which Java EE 8 technologies will evolve to meet the requirements of cloud native Java. Check out the new Jakarta EE website and the results of the Jakarta EE Community Survey. With the updates begin delivered today, we thought it would be useful to provide an update on Oracle’s contributions so far to this project. As described in prior blogs, Oracle is contributing its Java...

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The road to Jakarta EE

Today, the Eclipse Foundation is making multiple announcements related to Jakarta EE that includes the unveiling of https://jakarta.ee and the Jakarta EE logo, the results of the developer survey, etc. It's probably a good time to reflect on how we got here... End 2016, early 2017, I was jokingly using the following slide when I was discussing Java EE.  I am relatively confident that at that time no one would have predicted what would happen. You have to remember that during...

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EE4J - Eclipse Enterprise for Java

A lot of progress has been made since we have announced, 2 weeks ago, our intent to move the Java EE development to the Eclipse Foundation. Today, we are thrilled to announce EE4J (Eclipse Enterprise for Java), a new top level Eclipse project that will host this initiative. We are just at the beginning of this effort. Oracle, IBM, Red Hat and the Eclipse Foundation are actively collaborating to move as quickly as possible despite all the tasks that need to be tackled. We also...

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Java EE 8 @ JavaOne 2017

JavaOne is almost upon us again! Obviously, Java EE will be well covered. Here is a selection of some of the Java EE 8 related sessions (technical sessions, panels, BoFs, etc.). This is just an excerpt so make sure to browse the full session catalog. Also, if are attending JavaOne, make sure to visit the Developer Lounge,  there are many cool new stuff to check and some of us will be around and available to chat. Please do note that you will need to bring your own laptop for ...

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Opening Up Java EE - An Update

In a previous post, we announced that Oracle was beginning to explore moving Java EE technologies to an open source foundation in order to make the process of evolving these standards more agile, flexible and open. Since mid-August, we’ve had many discussions with other vendors, community members and open source foundations in order to move the process forward. Here’s an update on the progress we have made so far.  First, we have reached out to IBM and Red Hat, the other...

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Opening Up Java EE

We continue to make great progress on Java EE 8. Specifications are nearly complete, and we expect to deliver the reference implementation this summer. As we approach the delivery of Java EE 8 and the JavaOne 2017 conference, we believe there is an opportunity to rethink how Java EE is developed in order to make it more agile and responsive to changing industry and technology demands. Java EE is enormously successful, with a competitive market of compatible implementations,...

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