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    December 22, 2008

Catching Up - OpenSolaris 2008.11 Launch Recap

Guest Author

This December had several major releases in the last few weeks but I've been
busy (what happened to "Slow Decembers"?),
so catching up before I close TheAquarium for the end-of-year break.

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OpenSolaris -
Although the last release candidate build was late November, the actual launch was Dec 11th.
The launch included an online event (using
uStream.tv, see the
live chat action),
many blogs posts
and PR activity.
Some good entry points and summaries include:
Bob Porras,
Josh and

One recent change in preparation for this release was improvements on the web presence.
The main web site for the DEVelopers of OpenSolaris remains
OpenSolaris.org but USERs now have
an improved
OpenSolaris.com with many useful sections.

There are many features; two extra noteworthy are the ZFS-based
Time Slider,
and the new package format (IPS) and the backing repositories.
Since we also IPS for the GlassFish v3 UC, you may want to check the notes on
Distro Constructor
Mirroring IPS,
and the new Pending and Contrib repositories

The usability of OpenSolaris has improved a lot in the last year -
I'm going to try to get one of
Toshiba's Laptops
next year -
and the deployment strengths remain.
The day after the launch we hosted an
Introductory Webinar
and I'm planning follow-ups focused on the use of deployment features like Zones, Dtrace and ZFS
in GlassFish et al.

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