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Cargo Tracker Java EE 7 Blue Prints Now Running on WebLogic

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For those unaware the Cargo Tracker project exists to serve as a blue print for developing decently designed Java EE 7 applications, principally utilizing Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The project has long run on GlassFish 4 and Java SE 7. The project was recently enhanced to run the same code base also on WebLogic 12.2.1 and Java SE 8. The instructions for running the project on WebLogic are available here. Feel free to give it a spin to get a feel for both Java EE 7 and WebLogic 12.2.1.

The fact that a fairly non-trivial project like Cargo Tracker can run on both GlassFish and WebLogic with no code changes and some very minimal configuration differences handled via Maven profiles speaks to how much Java EE portability is a reality with Java EE 7. Some initial work has also been done to run the project on WildFly - hopefully we will be able to highlight that work here soon as well.

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