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Build b39 - Summary

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Last week we promoted
title="Download Page for Build b39">b39,
in the advanced (non-beta) branch
title="Announcement of Promotion">Announcement,
IssueTracker List

Bug List
Altogether 40 bugs are listed as fixed. Highlights include:

• Faster parsing of web.xml and security constraints can be applied to all web-app

• ADF JSF library now
works on GlassFish

• Servlet 2.5 features (ex: getContextPath())

• Improved performance for Grizzly static File Cache.

• Implementation of latest changes to JAXWS, JSR109 spec (addition of new MTOM binding types)

• In WebServices, fixes for title="Issue 235 - Cannot deploy web services if server is in directory with space">235 and title="Issue 170 - Tester page doesn't work">170 and others related to @HandlerChain, @WSProvider.

• In Persistence - fix for title="Issue 238 - redeployment persistence application does not work">238,
title="Issue 166 - EJBQL: check SELECT clause requirements for GROUP BY query">166,
title="Issue 228 - space in path problem with pers unit">228


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