Java EE @ UberConf 2015

UberConf 2015 was held July 21-24 in Denver, Colorado. UberConf has grown to become one of the most significant US developer conferences. Consequently it is an important conference for our team to support. Topics covered included Java SE, JavaScript, JVM languages, architecture, methodology, mobile, cloud and the like. My former colleague Arun Gupta and I covered Java EE. I had three talks total over two days, essentially back-to-back. I did talks on the basics of Java EE,...

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Project Avatar Update

Project Avatar began 3+ years ago as a client side JavaScript project in an effort to participate in and learn from the JavaScript community. With client-side JavaScript frameworks evolving at a rapid pace and leaders starting to separate from the “pack”, we leveraged our Middleware strength and added a server-side component. Project Avatar was released to the community at JavaOne 2013, and delivered an end-to-end JavaScript programming model who’s server-side component...

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Supporting CORS in JAX-RS 2/Java EE 7

Many developers, especially more inexperienced ones, don't seem to realize that browsers automatically enforce the well-known same-origin policy. This means that browsers will make sure that any scripts (likely JavaScript :-)) can only access URLs on the same server that the script came from. For most applications this is not an issue. However, in some deployment scenarios (e.g. JavaScript clients on a plain web server trying to access REST resources on a separate back-end...

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JavaOne: Java EE Community Update and Panel

 At this JavaOne 2014 edition, one of the coolest things Java EE developers might be interested to engage with is definitely the Java EE Community Update and Panel CON2131. In this panel developers will have the opportunity to hear from major vendors who support and invest in the Java EE Platform what they have to say about the plans for Java EE 8 as well its future, discuss hot topics (why not talk about Microservices?) and how these relate to Java EE and many other great...

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Tyrus 1.5 released! Just in time for Java 8

1−∑i=1n∏j≠iλe−λ2λ=1−∑i=1ne−(n−1)λ2n−1=1−ne−(n−1)λ2n−1 A new version Tyrus 1.5 (reference implementation of JSR 356 WebSockets API), was released. With it you get of course bug fixes and improvements, but most importantly a runtime fix on Java 8! And a few more things:  A Maven archetype (the echo sample) Tyrus Client can run on Android Tyrus Client re-connect feature  Going back to the JDK 8 issue, the good thing is that Tyrus 1.5 fixed the support of inherited annotated methods....

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Java 8 Launch

JSR 337 who defines the content of Java SE 8 is now Final! That means that Java 8 is about to be released. Over the coming months, a lot of events will take place across the globe to celebrate this important release.  Here's a recap of the initial Java 8 events that are taking place over the next 2 weeks. NightHacking Java 8 Tour (March 11th - Apr 19th) The NightHacking Java 8 Tour is the inaugural leg of the Java 8 Tour event where the Java SE evangelism team will be crossing...

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