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Additional details on GlassFish 5 Promoted Build 3

Yamini Kalyandurga
Consulting Member of Technical Staff

As we are progressing on Java EE 8, GlassFish has started to see activity in the recent months. After stabilizing the nightly builds of GlassFish 5, we have resurrected the GlassFish weekly promotion process. After a long time, we have a weekly promoted build GlassFish-5.0-b03. Do give it a try and give us your feedback.

Note that the minimum JDK version that is needed for GlassFish 5 is JDK 8u121.

Here is a list of component integrations that are part of this build:

  • JSF 2.3.0-m11
  • Jersey 2.26-b02
  • JAX-RS 2.1-m03
  • HK2 2.5.0-b33
  • Grizzly 2.3.29
  • Grizzly NPM 1.7
  • Jboss Logging 3.3.0.Final
  • Tyrus 1.13.1
  • Jackson 2.8.4
  • JSTL 1.2.5-b03
  • Servlet 4.0.0-b03

Servlet 4.0 Update

We have made good progress in the web container.

Issue ID or Commit Revision Summary
r64700 Integrate javax.servlet:javax.servlet-api:4.0.0-b03

Add API for Servlet Mapping

implemented by GLASSFISH-21688
Allow encoding to be set from deployment descriptor

Updates schema files for Servlet 4.0

implemented by GLASSFISH-21666

Allow setting the jsp-file programmatically

SERVLET_SPEC-134 Updates for spec and impl of server push
implemented by GLASSFISH-21673
Allow setting the default context-path without resorting to container specific config

Bugs Fixed

Here is the list of bugs addressed in this build.

Issue Id Summary
GLASSFISH-21677 Need to remove -Xbootclasspath from domain.xml
GLASSFISH-21671 Switch appserver build to source=1.8 and target=1.8
GLASSFISH-21656 list-jms-resources fails if operand is clustered instance
GLASSFISH-21655 rollback of create-jms-resource fails when resource has already existed
GLASSFISH-21650 countopenconnections is not counted at the request to http-listener-2 of the cluster
GLASSFISH-21649 countqueued1minuteaverage does not count the value for one minute
GLASSFISH-21648 corethreads and maxthreads are always zero
GLASSFISH-21646 countbytesreceived and countbytestransmitted count the value of requests to admin-listener
GLASSFISH-21645 maxopenconnections of HttpServiceStatsProvider is always the same.
GLASSFISH-21644 Not able to deploy app with cdi validator support
GLASSFISH-21642 access-logging-bad-requests web devtests fails in Hudson
GLASSFISH-21640 JMS message in server.log is logged only message key.
GLASSFISH-21639 difficult maintained log messages
GLASSFISH-21591 [GF-JDK9] JDK internal API sun.misc.URLClassPath used in com.sun.appserv.ClassLoaderUtil
GLASSFISH-21589 Problems with resource deletion if all resource targets are deleted
GLASSFISH-21585 The list of JVM options is lost empty when an invalid option is added.
GLASSFISH-21584 A new property cannot be added in "Cluster System Properties" page.
GLASSFISH-21580 WebappClassLoader is not thread safe
GLASSFISH-21579 asadmin list-file-groups exits successfully although user doesn't exist
GLASSFISH-21576 javamail debug log is not logged.
GLASSFISH-21574 asadmin deploy --precompilejsp doesn't check compilerSourceVM and compilerTargetVM in glassfish-web.xml
GLASSFISH-21573 Server log messages are unexpectedly trimmed if the message starts with or ends with spaces.
GLASSFISH-21572 AS-WEB-GLUE-00078 is logged to the server.log although both tls11-enabled and tls12-enabled are true.
GLASSFISH-21560 "asadmin list-logger-levels" does not list java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler
GLASSFISH-21546 password alias is not updated until restart the process.
GLASSFISH-21542 Update jboss.logging
GLASSFISH-21522 NullPointerException during WebDirContext.lookupFromJars
GLASSFISH-21515 Possible null pointer dereference
GLASSFISH-21505 JDK9 - Unable to launch the Application Client Container
GLASSFISH-21494 Double checked locking problem
GLASSFISH-21479 Glassfish 4.1 won't start with JDK 9 build jdk9-b95 (and later)
GLASSFISH-21376 There is a "null" in the log name
GLASSFISH-21276 A number of monitor mbeans are broken
GLASSFISH-21272 JDBC Monitoring MBeans not working in JConsole
GLASSFISH-20917 a wrong implementation for web-fragment.xml with <distributable/> issue
GLASSFISH-20858 Message "Invalid Url Pattern" contains placeholder, while it obviously must contain the invalid pattern

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