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2015 Duke’s Choice Award Winners Announced

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The incredible amount of innovation that uses and builds upon standard Java/EE technologies is one the most important factors that keeps our ecosystem so uniquely strong. The annual Duke's Choice Awards is a small way of recognizing and encouraging such innovation. Every year a panel of judges gives out ten of these awards at JavaOne (in the interest of full disclosure I am one of those judges). Every year Java EE makes a strong showing at the awards and this year was no exception (in fact I'll share that Java EE makes an even stronger showing in the total number of nominees). In particular the following winners are worth highlighting on this humble blog.

UN/WFP School Subsidy Card: Thousands of students in developing countries lack access to adequate food, Egypt is sadly no exception. Egypt based consulting company e-Finance developed the United Nations’ World Food Program (UN/WFP) School Subsidy Card to help combat this problem. The project was developed for Egypt’s Ministry of Education. The project is now live as a pilot that helps 20,000 families in two poor cities. The project uses Java EE 7, Java SE 8, GlassFish 4 and NetBeans. The project is led by Mohammed Taman. Mohammed is an experienced architect, consultant, Morocco JUG member, Egypt JUG leader, JCP executive committee member and expert group member for multiple JSRs. He is an ardent advocate for Java EE and has been a very active participant in the Adopt-A-JSR, Adopt-OpenJDK, and FishCAT programs. Mohammed's work was highlighted at JavaOne, including in the Java EE portion of the keynote.

OmniFaces: One of the core strengths of JSF is the ecosystem built around it, in particular popular component libraries like PrimeFaces. Though not a component library, OmniFaces is a rising star in the JSF ecosystem. It is a collection of useful utilities for JSF developers. If you were familiar with Seam Faces, OmniFaces reminds me quite a bit of it. OmniFaces is led by Arjan Tijms and Bauke Scholtz - two JSF/Java EE community heroes in their own right. Bauke is one of the foremost JSF community experts. Many in the JSF community know him as BalusC - the ever present voice online always ready to help with very knowledgeable and helpful answers to JSF questions anywhere! Similarly Arjan has long been a strong contributor to the JCP and many of his good ideas are already standardized in Java EE. You can find out more about OmniFaces here.

KumuluzEE: The ranks of fat jar solutions targeting microservices hype in the Java EE ecosystem seems to be ever expanding. There is WildFly Swarm, Payara Micro/GlassFish Embedded as well as TomEE embedded. KumuluzEE is an interesting part of this crowd as unlike the others it does not come from a traditional application server pedigree and is a very community based project that still uses Java EE APIs to create a fat jar solution. KumuluzEE is led by Slovenian Java Champion Matjaz B. Juric. Besides being a Java Champion Matjaz's impressive credentials include simultaneously being an Oracle ACE Director and IBM Champion! You can find out more about KumuluzEE here.

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the winners, most certainly not just the ones above. You can find out about all of this year's winners here

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