Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

MySQL Architecture and Solutions

Today I made a presentation to 100+ audience mostly comprising of DBAs and software consultants about MySQL Architecture and Solutions. You can download the presentation slides. This focuses on architecture overview of MySQL products and solutions.

Friday Aug 01, 2008

How to dump mysql table definition file header

If you decide to copy over one table from MySQL installation to another installation, this could be done as simple as copying over your-table-name.\* in data directory. Ofcourse, to do this, the database should not be running at the time of copying.

For example, for tables created by MyISAM storage engine, the files to be copied for table mytable are mytable.frm, mytable.MYD and mytable.MYI. The ".frm" file contains table definition, the ".MYI" contains info about index and ".MYD" contains data.

If you do this kind of stuff often, you may want to dump the header of the ".frm" header file. I just wrote a script for this. You can download this php script "frmdump" from here. Note that it is a php script, but meant to be run from command line (not to be used as web page) :

   $  ./frmdump   mytable.frm
Dumping  mytable.frm using .frm header format ...

 OFFSET |Len| Expected   | Found  | Comments
 (Dec)  |   |  (Hex)     | (Hex)  |
 0      | 2 |  FE 01     | fe 01  | Magic mark. 0xFE 01
 2      | 1 |  09        | 09     | FRMVER + 3 + VarcharInTab?1:0
 3      | 1 |  09(MyISAM)| 09     | Found type: DB_TYPE_MYISAM
 4      | 1 |  ??        | 03     | ??
 5      | 1 |   0        | 00     | Always 0
 6      | 2 |  00 10     | 00 10  | IO_SIZE 4096(dec)is 0x1000(LittleEnd)
 8      | 2 |  01 00     | 01 00  | ???
 \*      | \* |  .......   | ...... | .......
 33     | 1 |  05        | 05     | Marked 5 for Ver5 FRM File
 38     | 1 |  08? 2e?   | 2e     | default charset num for this table.
                                  | 08 is latin1 default. 2e is utf8_bin
 51     | 4 |  Version   | 00ea66 | MySQL Version ID Found: Dec: 60006

Just notice the 4 bytes at offset 51. That is the MySQL version ID that created this .frm file! The decimal 60006 indicates that this is 6.0.6 (it is now alpha) release.

If you want to know more about the file format you can check out this link

Tuesday Jul 29, 2008

Report for MySQL Camp, 29th July 2008, Bangalore

This MySQL event with Kaj Arno was well received. Kaj talked about the product, from different aspects, both technical and business with bit of short history, how the community could contribute, how safe MySQL at the hands of Sun, etc. It was very engaging and informative.

In his typical style of localising presentations beyond english , he started the presentations with speaking couple of sentences in few local languages: Kannada, Tamil and Hindi. The audiences were pleasantly surprised and this received huge applause.

Kaj's picture

I talked about specifically how to contribute code to MySQL-- how to get started with a focus to contribute code. I put lots of urls through out the presentation and I promised to make the slides available through my blog. Here is the slides uploaded to slideshare.net :

I have also uploaded the presentation to Bangalore MySQL User Group website: http://mysql.meetup.com/297

Kaj had shown many screen shots of many of these urls in his talk, that is good, because it will be hard to miss those details.

Thursday Jul 24, 2008

MySQL Camp with Kaj Arno in Bangalore : 29th July 2008

Good news for everyone interested in MySQL looking to connect to fellow MySQL'ers and all opensource enthusiasts! We are organizing MySQL Camp in Bangalore on coming 29th July 2008. This is a free event open to all, so invite your friends and every one... Here is the details ... I have been circulating the following contents to every one so that it will be easier for them to forward by e-mail. Feel free to forward these contents:

What : MySQL Camp With Kaj Arno

When : 29th July 2009, 4PM - 7PM

Where : Hi-Tech Seminar Hall,
DES Block (Dept of Electrical Science)
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Near MS Ramaiah hospital
MSR Nagar, Bangalore - 560054

Location Map: http://tinyurl.com/msrit-bangalore

RSVPs and Details are available at
Bangalore MySQL User Group URL : http://mysql.meetup.com/297

Scheduled Sessions:

1. MySQL - The community, The Product, The Company by Kaj Arno

An overview of all things MySQL, from a combined technical and business perspective.
A short history of MySQL, the company, the product. What the MySQL Community is, and
how MySQL works with it. How MySQL is being integrated into Sun. (One Hour)

About Speaker : Kaj Arno is a well known community leader promoting open source and bringing cross cultural teams to work together.

2. How to Contribute Code to MySQL by Thava Alagu

A discussion on How the community can contribute code to the MySQL DB Project. (30 mins)

About Speaker: Thava Alagu is database expert with 14 years of experience in computer industry. He works for Database group in Sun Microsystems, Bangalore.

3. Performance Optimisation in Enterprise Applications by Sonali Minocha
A discussion on how performance optimisation can be carried out using MySQL for Enterprise Applications. (30 mins)

About Speaker: Sonali Minocha is well-known International MySQL Trainer & Consultant. Sonali is India's first certified MySQL DBA & MySQL Authorized Instructor; Sonali is also a co-founder of Open Source Community - OSScamp. She has worked with MySQL database for more than 5 years.

Note: This event is organized by Sun Microsystems, India and OSS Cube.
OSS Cube is MySQL authorized training partner.

This is free event. There is no entry fee.

"Participate, Learn and Share!"

Here is the poster which is designed by Nirbhay Choubey:

MySQL Camp Poster

Here are some more blogs/links related to the event




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