Thursday Mar 15, 2007

Music meme

Kevin tagged me about music in order to get me to blog. I find it difficult to believe that we're almost 3 months into the year and I haven't written anything yet. I think I've got writer's block or something.

Anyway, I am asked to name 5 songs or artists which I love, but which annoy my wife. This actually proved to be quite difficult in some respects because although both of us tend to like similar "pop", but we don't tend to listen to a lot of music, except whilst we're in the car or otherwise travelling.

So, to the 5 (artists), in no particular order, which my wife definitely doesn't like:

  1. Linkin Park
  2. Stone Temple Pilots
  3. Yes
  4. Green Day
  5. Roxy Music

Thanks for waking me up Kevin, it was fun reviewing the music on my iPod to find these things.

So, riddle me this batman: is "meme" pronounced as "meem" or "me me"?

Wednesday Jul 27, 2005

Song of the day/week/month/moment

Unlike Frosty, I don't have a "Song of the Day" category, so let's just say that this is my song for the moment (displacing "Going For the One" by Yes).

The song I'm listening to a lot is: "Life On A Chain" by Pete Yorn - from his first album: musicforthemorningafter (yes, it really is written like that!), and I defy you to listen to it without tapping your foot or nodding your head in time with the catchy guitar riff.

I came across Pete Yorn quite by accident - my iPod went in for repair a couple of months ago, and came back working and loaded with someone else's music (I assume the store put it on for testing). Amongst the mainstream and esoterica on there was the above album, and I go hooked on this track the moment I heard it.

I can't say that I'm a fan of much of the rest of Pete's stuff though. Some of the tracks on musicforthemorningafter are ok, but there are a few which just don't do anything for me. Having also listened to samples of his most recent album (Day I Forgot) from his website, I can safely say that there are only a couple of tracks there that I would consider worth splashing out hard currency on. So for me, Pete is pretty much a "one hit wonder". That said, you can pick up musicforthemorningafter on Ebay new and sealed for under a fiver, so I might just buy it and listen to the whole album a few more times to see if any of the tracks are growers.

As for the tracks on his second album that I like, well I might just pop my iTunes cherry and buy them from there :)

Tuesday May 03, 2005

More on the iPod problems

I blogged last week on the problems I was having with my iPod - a popping between tracks (which is apparently a known problem) and it intermittently loses the disk.

I popped it back into the local retailer for repair on Saturday and got a call on Sunday (yes, really!) saying that they thought the headphones were at fault so were ordering me new ones. Unfortunately, I wasn't in to take the call, so I wasn't able to query the service guy at the store as to how he reached his conclusion that the headphones were faulty.

So how did he reach that conclusion ?
The popping noise between tracks is apparently a known problem with older iPods. It's not a headphone problem, but something wrong with the device itself. I thought that the service guy at the local store would have seen enough faulty iPods to have come across this one, but obviously not. So, I'll allow him some slack on that one. He apparently tested my iPod with various headphones and could not reproduce the fault, so deduced that the headphones were faulty.

But, given that I reported that the iPod intermittently fails to see its hard disk, how could he conclude that that fault was caused by the headphones ? Sure, the fault is intermittent, and I've worked in service, so I know what a PITA intermittent faults are to track down, but I'm pretty sure my description would be enough to make him think about sending the unit back to Apple for diagnosis. Obviously not!

I called the service department today to discuss it with them, but apparently the service engineer is out all this week, so I will have to wait 'til Monday until I can put him straight on a couple of matters. That mean's I'll be without the iPod for at least a week longer than the 7-10 days they originally quoted. Ho humm.

Monday Apr 25, 2005

Going For The One

I bought this Yes album on vinyl when it first came out back in the 70's, and played it all the time on my wreck of a "stereogram" - usually through headphones because I liked it loud and my parents didn't appreciate loud rock.

The album didn't get played much through the latter half of the 80's and early 90's and was finally dispatched to a second-hand vinyl store when I decided that CD was the way forward.

I somehow never got around to buying the CD of Going For The One, though. It wasn't alone - I think the Human League's: Dare album was one of the very few I actually replaced with CD.

So, to last week, when I splashed out on Ebay and bought 3 Yes albums on CD, including Going For The One. From the moment the album started playing on the iPod, I was hooked again! Just hearing the intro to the title track sent little tingles down my spine, and Jon Anderson's vocal work in this track is nothing short of superb. Whilst the other tracks too are excellent, I think the title track epitomises everything I loved about Yes' later work, and now I can't stop listening to it.

Rock On!

Not having a lot of luck with iPods

I mentioned on Friday that my iPod had a hissy fit on Friday and refused to respond to commands, simply spinning up and spinning down the disk. Well, it appeared to fix itself, so I put it down to the intervention of a cosmic ray (if you ever worked in technical support, you should get this ;)).

However, all was not well. Whilst listening to Green Day's American Idiot on Friday evening, half way through a track, the iPod stopped playing, stopped responding and started its little game of spinning up and down the disk. I reset it, plugged it back into the power connector and then left it to do its own thing.

Yesterday morning, I had some time to kill after my run, so I sat down to appreciate "Close To The Edge" - one of the Yes albums I bought last week, and once that finished, another chance for American Idiot.

The iPod got around 2/3 of the way through the second track on American Idiot (which seems to have 5 or 6 titles), and then repeated its problem :(

I tried to reconfigure it using the iPod updater software on the PC, but that could only manage to complain about "Service Error" when trying to establish contact with the iPod. So, I think there's something not quite right with the unit.

So, I think it's back to Apple with it now as it is getting a bit annoying.




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