Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

Some new bugs filed

So I filed two bugs with my experiences with VirtualBox 2.0.2 last week:

6753569 Virtual Box running causes assertion failed: afd->a_fd[i] == -1
Basically, when I start the VirtualBox up to install a new OS, it provides this core dump.
6753564 Installation of virtual box should update the boot archive
After I installed VirtualBox 2.0.2 and had the above panic, the fact that the boot archive had not been updated dropped me down into maintenance mode.

If you search the Bug Database for 6753564, it returns 6753569. If you try to go there directly with the URL I provided, then you get bug not found. Ahh, the first match happens because I mention 6753564 in other bug. Well, the link exists in 6753569 and I'm sure the bug will be opened up for public viewing sooner or later.

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Sunday Sep 28, 2008

I think I've been making the new Networking Configuration too difficult

You'll notice in Bag of links about VirtualBox configurations that I have collected a lot of articles about how to configure VirtualBox networking. And if you look in the VirtualBox 2.0.2 User Manual you will see that the Linux section has about 9 pages and the Solaris one (6.9 on page 87) has 1 paragraph.

Perhaps Sun has greatly simplified the code with respect to running on OpenSolaris?

Okay, armed with the pithy User Manual. I'm going to try to configure Host Interface Networking on VirtualBoxes with a OpenSolaris host. First I need to find where to configure the networking:

(Click to zoom in)

Pretty easy, it is in the Details tab. Okay, I select Network and now it has to be difficult, right?

No, all I have to do is select the Attached to: and change NAT to Host Interface:

And look, I can select the Generate button to the right of the MAC Adress: field to generate a new one.

While I'd like to automate all of this (and a scan of the VirtualBox 2.0.2 User Manual suggests that i could easily do so), I'm going to bank on ZFS cloning to avoid most of this. All I will need to be able to do is automatically change the id of the storage:

VBoxManage internalcommands setvdiuuid vdifilename

and mac up a new MAC:

VBoxManage modifyvm -macaddress1 

I believe the first is undocumented and the second is ripped right out of the VirtualBox 2.0.2 User Manual.

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Saturday Sep 27, 2008

Bag of links about Virtual Box configurations

Just some links I've stumbled across on my odyssey with VirtualBox:

Solaris Cluster on a laptop using VirtualBox, iSCSI and a quorum server
VirtualBox 1.6.2 configuration with jumpstarting done via JET
Building a Solaris Cluster Express cluster in a VirtualBox on OpenSolaris
VirtualBox 1.6.2 configuration to build a cluster and using iSCSI from ZFS
Host Interface Networking in Sun xVM VirtualBox
VirtualBox 2.0.0 configuration of Host Interface Networking. Actually installing OpenSolaris on Ubuntu
VirtualBox meets JET...
Must be Virtual Box 1.6.\* -- using JET and flar to manage quick setup of VMs. Hmm, he installs a OpenSolaris vbox on a Windows machine, puts JET on it, and then uses that machine to jumpstart others. Sweet article!
Configuring host networking for VirtualBox
Again a VirtualBox 1.6.\* release, another 4150 with four dual-core CPUs and 8Gb RAM. Use /usr/lib/vna, which appears gone from Virtual Box 2.0.2.
Famous Quote:
Here's my script. No, I didn't use SMF. I'm old school. Bite me.

I'll add more as I collect them:

VirtualBox Buzz
How can any collection of links on VirtualBox be complete without this?

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Working towards a vbox image for distribution

One of the difficulties with pushing out a release for OpenSolaris Project: NFS version 4.1 pNFS is that we could only release source and BFU. We could not release a live image.

To complicate matters, part of the NFS code is in the closed repository. The impact of which was we had to also release a special closed-bins.

The difficulty lay in two areas:

  1. We weren't allowed to take the DVD image, install our bits, and send that back out. Note, if you search for kanigix on my blog, you'll see I provide recipes for making your own customized DVD, but I don't distribute DVDs.
  2. People, even ex-Sun employees, didn't want to install a stock system and BFU the updates.

We started to get requests for VMWare images. And we still weren't allowed to hand those out.

But OpenSolaris is adaptive to pressures in the community. I just asked again and was pointed towards the Hadoop project and especially this one: OpenSolaris Project: Hadoop Live CD.

My understanding is that we aren't trying to make a distribution, we aren't trying to steal thunder, instead we are trying to get systems out there to enable interoperability testing.

So now I'm working on a framework to get OpenSolaris + pNFS on a VirtualBox image.

Stay tuned as I go down the wrong path several times, but emerge with a working process.

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