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Release candidate for {OpenGrok 0.10

OPENGROK 0.10 RC(release candidate) RELEASE NOTES

OpenGrok is a fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine. It helps you search, cross-reference and navigate your source tree. It can understand various program file formats (c, c++, c#, java, sh, pl, py ...) and version control histories like (Mercurial, Git, SCCS, RCS, CVS, Subversion, Teamware, ClearCase, Perforce, Monotone and Bazaar.) In other words it lets you grok (profoundly understand) the open source, hence the name OpenGrok. It is written in Java.
For more details go to

To download RC binaries, please go to: and look for 0.10-rc binary, source or a package file.

This is a major update. It's advised you cleanup your old DATA_ROOT(ideally remove it, or move it aside) and run indexing from fresh. Also the web application should be replaced, since new indexes are not compatible with old application. This is also a general rule for most of opengrok updates. We don't really support backwards compatibility, unless it would be a really minor update.
For install help refer to install wiki page.

Since this is a release candidate and not the final release(yet), please refer to issues page on where to file bugs and discussions page on where to report a problem or get help. Also note, that we try to preserve compatibility between RC and final release, so no reindex will be needed then. The plan is to have a final release within a month.

New Features

  • python analyzer, perl analyzer
  • listing of variables/methods(quick navigate)
  • sh analyzer xrefs improved
  • sql analyzer sql 2008 compliant
  • small UI usability improvements
  • updated lucene to 3.0.2
  • introduced maven as alternative build system to ant

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #11264: Add a python specific language analyzer.
  • Bug #13184: provide quick links to annotate,history and download from search results view
  • Bug #13184: provide quick links to annotate,history and download from search results view: diff link for history search
  • Bug #13777: Indexer should print "Adding: ..." before it adds a file
  • Bug #14545: clicking on annotate doesn't preserve line number
  • Bug #14663: broken syntax highlight in ksh script when ` is used (and when " is escaped)
  • Bug #15468: Log useful info from indexer regardless of -v
  • Bug #15661: OpenGrok should support new ksh command substitution x=${ cmd ; }
  • Bug #15890: Missing anchor in xref
  • Bug #15938: (partial) Analyzers should only use JFlex's public API
  • Bug #15947: Detect GNU CSSC in addition to SCCS
  • Bug #15948: Fail if svnadmin is missing: tests depend on it
  • Bug #15954: teamware repository not detected anymore
  • Bug #15956: indexer fails on indexing
  • Bug #15961: Allow certain symlinks to be followed to help with using clearcase dynamic views
  • bug #15961: and to files in other directories in the same project.
  • Bug #16006: Indexer's -P option removes customization of existing projects
  • Bug #16070: our ctags parser fails to parse a c signature
  • Bug #16076: problem of ELFAnalyzer in opengrok 0.9
  • Bug #16334: Indexer hangs when files contain 0x1A characters
  • Bug #16370: build.xml: Check for JFlex.jar and taskdef for jflex-task use different classpath
  • Bug #16451: Tray app doesn't work with other protocols than jmxmp
  • Bug #16454: Trayapp shuts down when a window is closed
  • Bug #16465: SVN history of filenames containing @ cannot be retrieved
  • Bug #16481: NumberFormatException when opening Connection Settings the second time
  • Bug #16611: svn repository with svn:// protocol as urn results in NPE when reading history
  • Bug #16660: Perforce repositories return months 1-12, not 0-11
  • Bug #16677: revamp option -v
  • Bug #16692: Index files left open after multiple project search
  • Bug #16760: Generating incorrect links for C/C++ "#include" statements if extension of a header file is not on the lexer's list
  • Bug #16761: Perforce history reader would not use per-project clients (defined by P4CONFIG files)
  • Bug #16764: Perforce source annotation: the date is one month ahead, time information is not available
  • Bug #16772: status.jsp should be less chatty in production environments
  • Bug #16783: more.jsp garbles matches on lines crossing internal JFlex buffer boundary
  • Bug #16786: Control for User Information Provider URL (userPage)
  • Bug #16833: Subversion repositories disabled by default
  • Bug #16848: Search context is displayed in lower case
  • Bug #16883: ShXref should reset stack on reuse
  • Bug #16891: Unneeded files included in opengrok.jar
  • Bug #16892: Maven build includes management client source in jar
  • Bug #16893: Maven build includes SQLXref.lex
  • Bug #16909: Move JFlex generated sources to default location (Maven)
  • Bug #16913: OpenGrok fails to use JDBC cache if -R option is specified
  • Bug #16961: Definitions should have serialVersionUID
  • Bug #16986: Relative path for data root and source root has stopped working
  • Bug #17074: Home link no longer works
  • Bug #17127: OpenGrok leaving too many open files
  • Bug #17128: add more syntax highlighting styles and list all definitions/functions
  • Bug #17169: enable wildcard prefix search in OpenGrok script by default
  • Bug #17294: show progress on demand
  • Bug #17349: path needs to be percent encoded
  • Bug #17373: breadcrumb path needs to be URI encoded
  • Bug #17374: history links need percent encoding
  • Bug #17375: annotate link needs percent encoding
  • Bug #17376: download link needs percent encoding
  • Bug #17378: Please remove email obfuscation
  • Bug #5590: Unhighlighted difference in compare list
for bug details refer to bugzilla

The road ahead

A tentative roadmap for OpenGrok can be found here:


We'd like to thank all the people that report bugs, send us ideas and improvements. Below are just people that sent patches or pushed code, that doesn't mean that we don't appreciate your work. On the contrary, you are the people showing other people(who have the time to write code) what would be good to fix when you use this software and file bugs against it! Note that this is just a summary of how many changes each person made which doesn't necessarily reflect how significant each change was. (inspect the history log with "hg log -v -r 0.9:tip" to get all details)

58 Knut Anders Hatlen <>, <Knut.Hatlen@Sun.COM>
35 Lubos Kosco <Lubos.Kosco@Sun.COM>, <Lubos.Kosco@Oracle.COM>
10 Jorgen Austvik <>
7 Trond Norbye <>
5 Patrick Higgins <>
3 Yuriy Vasylchenko <>
2 Leo Davis <>
1 cicicici <>
1 Martin Walsh <>
1 seadog <>

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