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    November 10, 2009

Solaris/x64 VNC with Cut & Paste

Yesterday, I was trying to get Cut & Paste to work between various VNC clients and a VNC server that was running on a Solaris10 Update 8 x64 server.  The VNC software that was first in my PATH was from the SFWvnc package that is shipped on the Solaris Companion CD

I was quite confused:

 1) Various Google searches revealed that vncconfig must be running on the server for cut and paste to work, however, it would not start:

 $ vncconfig
 No VNC extension on display :1.0

2) The man page for vncconfig indicates that this may be caused by using version 3 Xvnc.

3) SFWvnc is version 3.3.7

4) There is no free version for Solaris x64 at www.realvnc.com (but there is a SPARC build)

So I was left trying to figure out what is there easiest way to get  Solaris/x64 VNC with Cut & Paste to work?  I wondered if I need to download RealVNC's 4.X source and build the server.  Did I need to purchase the Enterprise Edition of RealVNC, even though I was not intending to use enterprise features?

Solution:  As it turns out the solution is simple: "pkgrm SFWvnc".  This SFW package has VNC 3 files from the Solaris Companion CD that compete with the VNC 4 files that come with SUNWxvnc and SUNWvncviewer in S10U5 and newer.  I've asked the owner to have SFWvnc removed from the S10U9 Solaris Companion CD.

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  • Stefan Schneider Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    Excellent observation. Very helpful.


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