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I was asked why I used so many subnets in the system which is described in my blog entry SPARC T5-4 LDoms for RAC and WebLogic Clusters:
  • Management Subnet
  • HTTP Public Network
  • JDBC subnet
  • Storage subnet

The short answer: I didn't need to. I could have used one public network and one RAC private network.

Longer answer:
  • Better observability
  • Better isolation
  • It enables a better security model

Onion View

LDom View

If Joe Blackhat is able to compromise our HTTP server, that is a bad
thing, but hopefully he will only be able access a subset of the data. 
To get any additional data, he will need to request the data from the
WebLogic server. The HTTP to WebLogic network layer can be monitored,
firewalled, and logged. Again, if Joe Blackhat is able to penetrate one
layer deeper, into the WebLogic layer, he will only be able to access
additional data via JDBC calls to Oracle RAC. Again, the WebLogic to RAC
network layer can be monitored, firewalled, and logged. And so forth...

In case it isn't obvious, the management network is intended to be used
only infrequently by DBA's and System Administrators. This network
should be tightly controlled and only enabled when system administration
is required.

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  • Prabhat Tuesday, November 18, 2014

    Looks good.

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